Vi-Search allows you to reap the true benefits of your surveillance network by enabling automatic and effortless retrieval and analysis of valuable information contained in your stored video.


Vi-Search is an innovative video search software that enables rapid and effective retrieval and presentation of specific video segments, events and data from vast amounts of recorded video. While video recording is a basic component of most surveillance networks, the recorded video is rarely utilised due to the lack of an automated and time-efficient solution that enables search and analysis of such stored video. In response, Vi-Search automates the search and analysis process and allows for true leveraging of the stored video. 

The software analyses the video stream, generates metadata describing the scene content, and allows for later retrieval and analysis of the video through an automatic search within the stored metadata.

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Vi-Search enables utilisation of stored video for a wide variety of security, safety, law enforcement and business intelligence applications:

  • Business Intelligence and Operational Efficiency applications can benefit from statistical analysis of human or vehicle traffic in specific areas and in distinct time frames. Retail chains and other businesses or organizations can better understand and predict traffic patterns to efficiently allocate resources, provide better customer care, and improve operational procedures.
  • Forensic Analysis of security or safety incidents often requires search through vast amounts of stored video to pinpoint and analyse certain events, or to trace events back to their origin. Through its wide range of search parameters and capabilities, Vi-Search enables users to locate an event in the stored video with high precision in a matter of seconds. A stand-alone file containing the relevant video segment can be easily extracted and saved as evidence.
  • Time-Critical Security and Law Enforcement Operations require quick and effective responses to events as they occur. Once there is knowledge of a criminal or terrorist activity, events can be traced back for immediate investigation, providing law enforcement agencies with a full picture of the event including origin and evolution. In this way, deployment and tactical responses are better informed, improving crisis management.

An extensive set of intuitive search parameters and capabilities, including search by:

  • Target Type – People, Vehicles, Static Objects
  • Event Type – Moving, Stationary, Crossing a line, Occupancy, Crowding
  • Filter by Colour and/or Size 
  • Search within defined time frames 
  • Search on selected cameras or group of cameras
  • Search for Similar Targets – Once a target is observed, a simple search can be conducted to locate additional appearances of the same or similar target in the recorded video


Event Thumbnails

event thumbnailsThe “Event Thumbnails” view enables a search for particular events or targets in a specified group of cameras and within a distinct time frame. Suitable for forensic analysis and investigations, the search results are displayed in thumbnails, with each thumbnail representing a query match highlighting the relevant target (person, vehicle or static object). For each result the recorded event video can be instantly played back, and the user can choose to save or export each search result.

Statistics Report

statistical analysisThe “Statistics Report” view presents search results graphically for a specified group of cameras. Suitable for business intelligence and operational efficiency applications, Vi-Search can conduct people or vehicle counting and generate statistical reports according to distinct time frames (minutes, hours, days, weeks, months etc).

Target Path / Location

Target_PathThe “Target Path / Location” view displays the motion paths of moving targets (persons or vehicles) or an overlay indicating the location of objects that were added to or removed from a defined area. Suitable for both forensic analysis and time-critical security and law enforcement applications, users have immediate access to the video segment relating to each path / location.

Heat Map

heat mapThe “Heat Map” view offers a visualisation of the traffic within the camera’s field of view. Suitable for business intelligence and operational efficiency applications, particularly for the retail market, users can make operational decisions based on the locations of the highest and lowest traffic areas.

Site Map

site mapThe “Site Map” view is designed to project motion data gathered from individual cameras deployed at one site onto a complete site map. By using “Site Map” view, a user can see the “Target Path / Location” and “Heat Map” functionalities on a larger map, showing multiple camera displays in one view.

Video Summary

video_summaryThe “Video Summary” view enables debriefing of multiple search results through one condensed clip by displaying all results as a single continuous clip. Using this view, events which occurred over the span of a few days can be condensed into a video clip of a few minutes only.

Offline search

Vi-Search Offline cuts investigation times dramatically by automatically indexing and analysing data from pre-recorded, imported video clips from multiple sources and producing search results.

It allows the importing of pre-recorded video clips from virtually any source for indexing, making such video clips ready for quick search and analysis by Vi-Search. Depending on the stored video format, Vi-Search Offline is able to generate indexes for the video files at an average rate of x10 and up to x30, making Vi-Search Offline a critical tool for efficient investigations and for gathering business intelligence.

It is especially useful for police and other law enforcement agencies that need to conduct speedy and efficient investigations based on surveillance video. In many cases, the video comes from different sources, and without Vi-Search Offline, the investigators must manually observe hours of video. This can be a lengthy and costly process, which is susceptible to human error, and does not guarantee a quick enough outcome. Vi-Search Offline automates the video analysis process and dramatically cuts down the man hours required for conducting such important investigations.

The software automatically analyses video files exported from any video recording system including DVRs, NVRs and VMSs. After the video is analysed, the user can search for relevant footage by a variety of search parameters.

Vi-Search Offline is a stand-alone tool that does not require integration to any external systems.