People Counting & Space Management

Accurately counting traffic that enters your premises allows you to make smarter business decisions. Increase your profitability and improve operational efficiency.

The benefits of People Counting are now widely recognised across many industries (sometimes referred to as Visitor, Retail or Occupancy counting). Not only does it allow you to analyse and understand customer or visitor behaviour, it also provides critical data to assist business planning and forecasts.

  • Improve customer service
  • Measure the impact of events or marketing campaigns
  • Justify funding and investment for non-profit organisations
  • Improve your carbon efficiency through smarter buildings i.e. turn off lights when everyone leaves
  • Assist in forecasting staffing levels, justifying recruitment or reducing cost

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Why People Count?

There are many benefits to having an accurate count of who’s coming in and out of your premises (customers, visitors, students etc). Whether you need a simple footfall count or a more in-depth, sophisticated solution to measure queuing times or for health and safety purposes, give us a call to see how we can assist.

  • Is my building being used efficiently?
  • How many customers / visitors am I getting?
  • Can I schedule staff better to improve customer service and reduce costs?
  • Did our advertising campaign work by increasing footfall?
  • How can we measure Sales Conversion rates?
  • Are all my buildings / stores operating to their full capacity?
  • How do I accurately know when there are too many people in my building or at my event?

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Our People Counting System

Our people counting software provides near real-time access to accurate pedestrian traffic data through a single, easy-to-use interface. We can also host the data from your counting system and make reports available for online viewing.

  • Can connect to your LAN or WAN meaning that any of your sites can be connected
  • May be scaled up to include any door, room or building across your estate. No requirement is too small or big.
  • Is automated so does not require users intervention once it has been commissioned.
  • Is a modular design so that ’counting zones’ can be added or removed from the system without system redesign and lengthy system down time.
  • Will provide consistent accuracy for each ’counting zone’ at ≥ 98%
  • Is able to deal with people making a u-turn within the “counting zone”
  • Provides near real-time (e.g. ≤ 10 minutes) capacity threshold alert i.e. ‘full house’ warning 10 minutes before it happens.

Why invest in just People Counting… when you can have so much more!

As our video based People Counting solution is just part of a larger suite of other Video Analytics detection algorithms, when you invest in our system, you can have a whole lot more! Make your investment go further…..

Why buy a just a People Counting system, when with our Analytics Suite, your ROI is much bigger as we can run all sorts of other detections from the same unit such as: Intruder detection, loitering in areas of interest, unattended or missing object detection, blockages in fire exits etc.

Call us to find out how we can make your investment go a lot further……