Behavioural Analysis

More and more businesses, financial institutions, media organisations and even hospitals are securing their premises and facilities with video analytics to ensure a safer environment for all.

Airports, seaports, bus terminals and train and tube stations face security and safety challenges due to the high number of passengers passing through such mass transportation hubs. Recognising the number of people present in such facilities, which can reach tens of thousands at any one time, it is imperative to be aware of security or safety breaches that cause major interruptions, or even, tragic ramifications.

Educational institutions and campuses seek to ensure the highest possible security and safety for students, faculty and staff, while providing an open learning environment which fosters academic excellence and creativity. Unfortunately, educational campuses have proved to be attractive grounds for attacks and other security incidents, and more and more educational institutions seek advanced surveillance solutions that respond to their needs.

Rather than relying on basic surveillance infrastructure, video analytics solutions can respond to the varied needs of such organisations, including awareness of perimeter and other security breaches, protection of physical and intellectual property, post-event analysis and understanding of safety risks.

Real-time Detection of Perimeter Intrusion & Secure Zone Breaches


  • Detect breaches of a secure perimeter
  • Detect motion in restricted / sensitive zones
  • Detect entry into sensitive areas during non-operational hours
  • Detect unauthorized (tailgating) entry into secure zones
  • Detect blockages to fire and other emergency exits
  • Detect vehicles blocking emergency lanes or stopped in restricted zones

Traffic Obstacles

  • Detect vehicles stalled or purposefully stopped on train tracks or in other time-sensitive or restricted zones or fire lanes
  • Detect traffic obstacles on roads, and in adjacent areas like rest lanes, exit lanes and emergency lanes

Detect Unattended Objects 

  • Detect objects left unattended for a pre-defined period of time in sensitive areas
  • Detect objects left unattended for a pre-defined period of time in sensitive areas


Identify Suspicious Activity

Behavioural 1

  • Detect loitering in areas of interest
  • Detect stopped vehicles in no stopping zones
  • Detect camera blocking or tampering
  • Automatically track the movement of suspicious people and vehicles using PTZ cameras
  • Detect grouping in sensitive areas to avoid potential attacks or threats
  • Detect motion counter to the general traffic flow
  • Detect passengers walking in unauthorized areas (train tracks, roads), allowing intervention before major collisions and catastrophes
  • Detect people falling off the metro or train platforms onto the tracks image
  • Detect people in restricted (vehicle-only) zones such as roadways, train tracks, tunnels and tarmacs

Safeguarding Assets 

  • Detect removal of assets


Measuring Traffic 

  • Count the traffic flow (people / vehicles) in defined areas or entering / exiting secure zones / facilities to make appropriate staffing and resource allocation decisions
  • Analyse movement of people / vehicles across different time periods to better manage traffic flow
  • Detect exceptions to the general traffic flow to ensure smooth movement
  • Detect private vehicles traveling in lanes reserved for public transportation
  • Measure traffic activity (parking lot, adjacent paths) to enable better planning to avoid congestion, improve traffic flow and maintain clear access points

Queue Formation 

  • Detect queues (checkpoints, ticketing) that exceed thresholds prompting additional allocation of staff

Staff Allocation 

  • Analyse customer / client traffic flow and queues across different time periods to allow the most strategic allocation and deployment of human resources