Video Analytics

Leverage the Power of Your CCTV

Eliminate human error and save on personnel costs with our Intelligent Video Analytics technology, enabling you to automatically process CCTV video for suspect behaviours.

HOSDB i-Lids approved for primary level intrusion

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SST Video Analytics Technology

Video Analytics (or Intelligent Video Analytics) systems process live video in real time and send alerts when they recognise predefined events or behaviour. In this way it automates surveillance and so helps to eliminate the human error typically associated with CCTV monitoring. Video analytics also dramatically improves the effectiveness of CCTV as a computer processor can monitor many video channels simultaneously and continually without being prone to human errors through fatigue.

The scene analysis techniques have a wide range of applications in both the commercial and public sectors; deployments range from congestion detection, intrusion detection and loitering through to people counting and gaming analysis in casinos.

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Home Office i-Lids Approved

Our Video Analytics solutions are Home Office i-Lids approved for primary level intrusion. i-Lids is the government’s benchmark for video analytics systems. It has been developed by the Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST) in partnership with the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI).

Intelligent Solutions

SST operates in partnership with industry leaders to provide solutions in the field of advanced behavioural analytics – the ability for a system to monitor a CCTV image and identify behaviours and trends that ought to be brought to an operator’s attention. This means that an operator need only assess CCTV images flagged by the system rather than monitoring continuously.

Behavioural Analysis

Some situations offer no substitute for the trained eye of an experienced CCTV operator, however many more routine behaviours, such as approaching a secure perimeter or loitering in a car park, are easily analysed. It is these scenarios where Video Analytics can prove to be most effective, providing vigilance 24 hours per day.

Example Applications

  • Motion of stationary objects: if, for example, an exhibit in a museum or art gallery starts to move then the operator will receive an alarm
  • Non Motion Detection of objects: for example no motion of abandoned luggage at airports or abandoned vehicles in sensitive or high risk areas
  • Virtual Tripwire / Sterile Zone Monitoring: for use in applications like detecting intruders in high security or safety sensitive sites like Airport Runways, Railway Tracks, High Rise landmarks etc.
  • Motion Direction of Objects: Identifying Counter Flow where people/traffic are moving in either a wrong or unexpected direction such as the wrong way in a one way system; also to identify people, vehicles etc. visiting sites under surveillance
  • Loitering Detection: loitering can quite often be a precursor to crime so a person or persons hanging around a site particularly a known trouble spot will be identified and the operator’s attention drawn to the situation
  • Tailgating in Access Control: to identify if an individual or vehicle follows too closely the person or vehicle in front to get past access controlled entrances or barriers
  • People or Vehicle Counting: used to identify overcrowding in queues say at airports, railway stations, supermarkets etc.; for marketing purposes to identify the number of people visiting different parts of a shopping centre so rents can be calculated




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