Radio Frequency Identification

Intelligent Tracking of People, Vehicles and Assets

Control access to and track the movement of people, vehicles, products or other assets using SST's highly reliable and cost effective RFID solutions.

Image of Radio Frequency Identification

SST RFID Technology

SST supplies the latest generation of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) products. These versatile devices can be used in a number of situations to track people, vehicles or products and increase cost efficiency and security at the same time.


RFID tags can be issued to employees, contractors and visitors and used as part of an Access Control system to ensure your property is securely protected. Once inside your building the system can be used to locate and track people and can assist in safe evacuation during an emergency. An added dimension to the system is its usefulness in monitoring time and attendance.

The devices can also be fitted to vehicles so that admission can be controlled to parking areas, drivers and vehicles can be easily identified and an entire fleet managed. The tags can even be used in place of a key to provide access to vehicles.

The tags’ small size and cost also means they can be attached to products and used as part of an inventory management system to track the location and stock of items.


  • Access Control Parking (Personnel)
  • Product Tracking (Loss Prevention)
  • People Tracking (Safety Monitoring)
  • Escorted Access (Two Man Rule)
  • Simultaneous People and Asset Tracking
  • Access Control (Vehicle)
  • Vehicle & Driver ID
  • Operator Monitoring
  • Process Control
  • Fleet Management



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