Event/Alarm Management

Managing Alarms and Events

Events and alarms are managed as part of an overall response plan. Alarms coming into the system are processed, prioritised, grouped and presented to the operator in exactly the format required.

Elements in the response plans are configured with the customer to appear on the operators workstation in the form of questions, pop up messages, dialogue boxes, maps etc.

Dynamic Response Plans are created to react differently depending on the context in which they are operating (e.g. if there are already five incidents being handled then escalate to the administrator).

PSIM Event Management Screen

IPSecurityCenter™ alarm management has already been tested handling thousands of alarms per minute.

The Alarm Stack Designer provides complete design control how alarms are presented and handled, enabling customers to define:

  • Customized columns.
  • Alerts and alarms.
  • Customized visual appearance of display.
  • Multiple views of alarms or incidents.