IPSecurityCenter™ Architecture

IPSecurityCenter™ is designed to be scalable, resilient and future-proof.

Utilising a Windows server-client architecture, IPSecurityCenter™ is based on the MS .NET Framework and industry-standard SQL databases. The product has been designed using an open systems approach to allow rapid integration of 3rd party software and hardware products.

Data integration enables IPSecurityCenter™ to reach beyond the boundaries of traditional security software to integrate business systems and data, e.g HR, with physical security policies. Database connectivity is achieved through ODBC-compliant business connectors, unifying data islands from multiple databases through the same interface.

IPSecurityCenter™ is designed to support a standards-compliance Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). For the Systems Integrator, graphical tools allow traditionally complex integrations, such as linking cellular messaging with access control, to be achieved in a visual drag-and-drop environment.

PSIM Application Management Diagram