Analysis and Compliance

Policy and Industry Guidelines Compliance Adherence

IPSecurityCenter™ allows the user to implement, monitor and demonstrate compliance to their own specific policies or industry guidelines.

Customised operator guidance ensures events and alarms are delt with correctly and automatically logged for audit.

Information captured is used to create dynamic incident reports or time/activity/exception based reporting for analysis of trends and identifying future hot-spots or potential threats.

The in-built report designer enables reports to be generated from activities and actions carried out in response to any incident or event.

Generation of event reports does not rely on add-on software. It is an intrinsic part of an event or incident response.

Incident reports can be instantly generated and emailed to specific recipients based on location and severity of incident.

Management and trend analysis reports can be collated and mailed on a daily/weekly or monthly basis — depending on your customer requirements.

Day-to-day maintenance reports can be generated as part of a maintenance schedule and workflow to manage inventory and ensure up-times.

PSIM Analysis & Compliance Report