Perimeter Protection & PIDS

High Impact Physical Security Solutions

SST provide high-security, perimeter protection solutions to enable businesses to keep their grounds, buildings and assets secure from intrusion or attack. Ranging from vehicle road blockers and security barriers to pedestrian speed gates, ‘Man Trap’ Air-locks and impact tested PAS 68 products.

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Our perimeter fencing and security barrier solutions offer the highest standard in security, having been designed and tested for anti-terror implementations and are particularly suitable for the protection of vulnerable areas. Many of our physical security solutions have undergone rigorous high impact testing to ensure their effectiveness in keeping your business safe from harm.

We provide a range of security rated products designed for high risk applications. All are designed to address and solve the perimeter and entrance control issues thrown up by the evolving threats in today’s ever changing world.

What we can offer:

  • Permanent, High Security Fencing (SEAP and Secured By Design)
  • Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems (PIDS)
  • Barriers, Gates & Road Blockers (PAS Rated)
  • Pedestrian Turnstiles
  • Airlock ‘Man Traps’
  • Electric fencing (BS EN 60335-2-76:1999)

High Security Fencing

The installation of high security fences is a must for some businesses, and we supply and install security fencing systems to meet the standards of BS1722, PAS and other security criteria.

Our high-security fencing solutions include:

  • Class 2/3 welded mesh fencing (incl. 358 weld mesh ‘anti-cut / anti climb’)
  • Steel palisade fencing
  • Chain Link fencing
  • Alarm fencing
  • Taut wire fencing

The fencing systems we specify incorporate critical security requirements such as anti-tamper, anti-climb and anti-vandal features. The 358 Weld Mesh, heavy duty system is by far one of the most secure fences on the market, not least because of the tight fully welded mesh profile that prohibits footholds and therefore deters climbers.

  • High security
  • Tamper & vandal resistant fixings
  • Heavy duty mesh
  • Difficult to breach
  • Each gap is just 5mm
  • No footholds
  • No finger holds
  • No toe holds

Electric Fencing 

Correctly installed modern electric fencing systems are safe, legal, and extremely effective at deterring and repelling unwanted intruders. We offer a range of such systems, suiting different budgets and different security requirements. So whether you are looking for a complete system or need security tightening by adding to your existing fence, we are here to help.

Our systems will help to solve intruder problems by delivering a short safe shock to anyone that comes into contact with the system making it impossible for an intruder to climb.

Dependant on your budget and security requirements the electric fence can be applied to your existing fencing at half or full height. Our electric fencing systems can easily be integrated into existing CCTV, access controls or other security systems.

Why choose electric fencing?

  • It provides reliable perimeter protection.
  • It is not affected by vibration or adverse weather
  • It can be interfaced with other security products such as CCTV
  • It is safe and complies with HSE guidance

See our Electrical Fencing FAQ’s

Pedestrian Turnstiles – Airlock

Air-lock style security booths are the ultimate in high security entrance control. Suitable where there is a risk of theft of valuable/sensitive material, armed robbery, espionage or sabotage. Our security booths are Ideal for low traffic volume locations where security is paramount. The units permit access for only one individual at a time and can be linked to identification systems including card readers and biometric identification. They can also be fitted with devices to detect concealed weapons and have the ability to detail the would-be criminal or terrorist if any such items are detected. Both the inner and outer doors can be bullet-proof, to ensure anyone detailed is kept safe and for the safety of passers-by.

Manufactured to exacting standards of finish and aesthetic design enable them to be used in prestige environments and encompass the best build quality to ensure the utmost reliability and longevity. The framework is constructed of re-enforced steel, coated in weather and wear resistant powder coatings, whilst all moving parts and elements subject to foot traffic are manufactured using high wear resistant materials to maintain the quality appearance of the unit.


  • Ultimate entrance control where highest security is paramount.
  • Proven design in use in many applications/countries.
  • DDA compliant dimensions
  • High aesthetic design with choice of finishes to match the highest specification décor.
  • Flow rate of 7 persons / minute depending on access control system features.
  • In-built array of electrical, electronic and mechanical safety features.
  • Highly durable finishes preserve aesthetics over time
  • Fully microprocessor controlled for simple operation with very flexible configuration/operation.
  • Compact dimensions allow installation in restricted space locations.

External Gates and Barriers

SST provide a wide range of high security Gates & Barriers, all designed to both protect your site but also enhance and control the flow of traffic.

Bi-Fold Speed Gates (PAS 68 option)


Requiring no inconvenient and troublesome ground track or height-restricting overhead box, the Bi-Fold Gate offers a convenient, economic and secure option for vehicle entrance control.

Suitable for a wide range of entrances and fast enough for Police, Ambulance and Fire Stations. Bi-Fold Gates are an ideal gate system for situations requiring a high level of security combined with fast, reliable operation at high traffic levels but where the considerable space required for conventional hinged or sliding gates is not available.

  • Single Bi-folding leaf up to 3.5 metre.
  • Dual Bi-folding leaf up to 7 metre.
  • Hi-speed operation of 5-6 seconds.
  • No ground track or overhead box required.
  • Electronic monitoring of crushing points.
  • Micro processor control interfaces with all access technologies.
  • Programmable fail safe for power failure.
  • Quality control in accordance to ISO 9001:2008.
  • Conforms to all relevant British and European Standards.

Our portfolio also includes other gate options including cantilever, hinged and tracked.

High Security Vehicle Barriers

We are able to provide Commerce, Industry and Governments around the globe with a range of security rated solutions for high risk applications, to counter the growing risks of terrorism and organised crime.

Our solutions include – Barriers, Road Blockers, Bollards and Turnstiles.




We are pleased to partner with the finest manufacturers of security equipment and software.

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