Innovative Solutions

Creating Something New, When You Need Something Different

SST have a proven record of developing innovative solutions where specific security issues demand something completely new. With our knowledge of security technology and our partnerships with only the best developers and manufacturers, we can design and build unique solutions that secure any business requirement.

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SST’s Innovative Solutions

There is no “one size fits all” solution to physical security. The security measures that are appropriate for one organisation will depend on its own circumstances, requirements and budget and these are rarely the same for any another organisation.

Due to our industry knowledge and innovative use of existing technologies, many businesses have approached SST to help design and implement bespoke security systems that aim to overcome their specific issues. We have designed, tested and implemented a wide range of innovative solutions that have surprised both our customers and the the wider security industry. Just a few of these are listed below:

Virtual Turnstile®

SST were asked by the British Horseracing Authority to develop a barrier-less access control system to secure and protect their stableyards at race venues across the UK. With no current technology able to meet this criteria, SST developed its very own solution: Virtual Turnstile®.

Virtual Turnstile® is a world-first. Working with the most innovative companies in video analytics, CCTV, RFID and access control technology, we designed and built a unique, barrier-less entry control solution that can secure a wide, open entrance – distinguishing human from equine traffic – and pinpoint individuals entering in breach of security instantly to control staff.

Virtual Turnstile® is now a fully fledged access control system that can be used to monitor and protect busy, open entrance-ways from unauthorised access in numerous scenarios such as: airports, stadia and restricted business sites.

Department for Transport – Project ANITA

Project ANITA (Airport and NEC Integrated Transport Access Scheme) is an £11m scheme to improve the road system and flow of traffic around Birmingham International Station, Birmingham Airport and The NEC during times of extreme congestion.

Funded by the Department for Transport, this major, pioneering programme involved the introduction of a Variable Bus Lane (VBL) that would be intelligently managed and controlled by the use of CCTV and Video Analytics.

SST designed and built a solution that:

  • Automatically detects congestion levels using CCTV and Video Analytics
  • Integrates seamlessly with Solihull’s Urban Traffic Management & Control (UTMC) system to provide overall control by its operators
  • Enables automated management of The Variable Bus Lane (VBL)
  • Increases efficiency and reduces labour costs.


MYdecs Marine VoIP Passerelle Call Pod

SST created MYdecs: the world’s first, multi-platform, VoIP Passerelle Call Pod for the marine industry. Features included fully integrated Access Control, digital Voice over IP (VoIP) intercom, CCTV integration and a 180 degree colour HD camera.

Commissioned by and installed on one of the world’s largest Mega Yachts (the 269 foot long M.Y. Sarafsa), MYdecs is a revolution in marine Passerelle security, entry and control.

  • Voice over IP Intercom – connects to any IP phone or computer onboard incl. tablet PC’s
  • Proximity Card Reader – for crew access & Intruder alarm deactivation
  • 180 Degree Colour Camera – see the entire dock in one scene; only records area around Passerelle
  • CCTV Integration – sweeps the relevant PTZ camera to the Pod once button is pressed
  • Digital outputs – connect to other systems onboard e.g. turn on Passerelle lights when button is pressed
  • Removable – for storage whilst at sea
  • Fully marinised using A4 (316) stainless steel & nitrogen purged




We are pleased to partner with the finest manufacturers of security equipment and software.

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