Factory Acceptance Testing

Time savings, cost savings and improved ability to meet requirements

Ensure your security solution or chosen equipment has been completed to the required quality and meets all contractual specifications.

Image of Factory Acceptance Testing

SST are proud to partner with GC² who’s bespoke and security hardened facility is considered one of the best FAT test facilities in the UK. SST has invested heavily in and used the site extensively when designing and implementing large, integrated security systems.

Most integrators simply specify a system on paper and ‘hope’ for the best when it comes to commissioning it. SST stands out from the crowd as we truly understand the benefits of a pre-installation FAT test, both to you and ourselves.

Many times, we have come across situations where individual products don’t perform as they should…..despite what the manufacturer says! Whether the problem is a mechanical failure due to an individual component not being up to the mark, a unit that is simply ‘DOA’ (Dead on Arrival), or whether it is a performance issue that does not make the grade, the result is that you, the customer, is not satisfied and the project delivery team is ultimately responsible for any shortcomings. This can be avoided with a Factory Acceptance Test prior to deployment.

Our industry knowledge tells us that when designing a new integrated security system or even adding, modifying or upgrading an existing one, many clients would prefer to conduct a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) prior to implementation.

A FAT is a client witnessed and documented procedure that is executed before the final installation and is carried out to determine whether a product or a system will operate to its specification. The test procedure covers all aspects of the subject’s functionality under all possible scenarios. It is particularly important for integrated systems where unexpected issues may arise or certain sub-systems haven’t been interconnected before.

This procedure, although a summary, will allow for the system or product to be fully tested to its performance specification. Any discrepancies or non-compliance issues will be documented and put into a program for rectification.

It also serves as a perfect ‘off-site’ build facility in situations where the installation cannot take place at the actual site due to on-going construction or merely due to the fact the premises may not be quite ready – a situation commonly seen in Data Centre construction.

Conducting a FAT provides important advantages and benefits including: time savings, cost savings, improved ability to meet compliance requirements and increased comfort level with integrated security solutions.

Our FAT environment

  • Security hardened facility
  • Cooled & Secure Server room (6 x 42u racks)
  • Fibre & Cat5/6 infrastructure
  • Extensive areas to mount equipment (CCTV cameras, access control components etc)
  • Multi-monitor Control Room replication (incl. Operator positions)
  • Multi-media meeting & training room
  • CAD design & print facilities

Every factory acceptance test will be different dependent on the product or system but the process must always be the same to ensure quality throughout and ensure that the product is fit for purpose meeting its performance specification. A factory acceptance test is critical in the development of any integrated electronic system and if not carried out correctly could result in major financial or political consequences.

 Our factory acceptance test helps you to

  • Gain proof of functionality, quality and integrity with our comprehensive checking process
  • Verify all-important documents, such as manuals, instructions, plans, drawings etc
  • Ensure that your equipment performs as expected under the testable range of foreseeable conditions, including misuse and error
  • Manage cross manufacturer liaison

Our factory acceptance test includes:

  • Deep functionality verification
  • Comprehensive checking for completeness
  • Proof of functionality, by conventional function testing or simulation
  • Verification of contractual requirements
  • Final inspection

The GC² facility offers a unique learning environment in that it has the ability to set up demonstration equipment within its own workshops and data centre. This exceptional arrangement allows for classroom and hands-on access to working equipment within the same learning environment.

The training room has integrated multimedia projection systems as well as a fully operational security control room operator’s console. The GC² facility is second to none for bespoke and specialised training



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