Choosing a CCTV System

Analogue, Hybrid CCTV or IP CCTV

With such a huge range of CCTV systems on the market it can be a daunting task deciding which is right for your business. Decisions need to be made that cover specific security requirements as well as budget and future-proofing any investment.

There are three main options to consider for anyone looking to invest in new CCTV equipment:

  • Expand current analogue systems
  • Keep current analogue cameras but upgrade with Hybrid CCTV
  • Convert to the latest IP CCTV systems and cameras to get the full benefits of Megapixel, remote and integrated technology

Analogue CCTV

Adding new analogue cameras to an existing system will be the cheapest option in the short-term. Newer cameras and DVR’s (Digital Video Recorders) will provide some improvements but your system will remain constrained to the quality and performance inherent in Analogue CCTV. It is also likely that the cost of analogue equipment and maintenance will rise sharply as the technology becomes obsolete.

Hybrid CCTV

For businesses wishing to protect a current investment in analogue technology but needing to reap the benefits of networked CCTV and high-definition cameras. Hybrid CCTV systems also offer an intermediate step on the roadmap to upgrading to the latest in IP CCTV.

Hybrid CCTV solutions give you the ability to combine the latest high-definition IP cameras with your older, analogue equipment. Experience the benefits of networked CCTV, including:

Networked / IP CCTV

IP or Network CCTV systems offer huge benefits over their analogue counterparts. As well as being scalable, easy to integrate and cost effective, modern IP cameras produce unparalleled quality in high definition video and offer the opportunity integrate with other systems and intelligent video analytics software. Our IP CCTV systems offer:

  • Remote accessibility
  • High image quality
  • Event management and intelligent video
  • Easy, future-proof integration
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Cost-effectiveness

Feature Comparison Chart

CCTV Comparison Chart
Analogue Hybrid IP CCTV
Cost of installation Low cost of installing cameras to existing analogue system Mid-range cost for combining existing analogue system with latest IP technology Investment in the future with the benefits of full IP CCTV
Cost of maintenance Cost of maintaining analogue systems will increase as equipment becomes obsolete Low cost of maintaining IP systems while analogue equipment may attract higher spend Low cost of maintenance
Cost of upgrade (scalability)  High Lower Most cost-effective
Future-proof No A milestone of the road to full IP CCTV Yes
Closed system Yes No No
Use existing analogue infrastructure Yes Yes No
Multi-user access No Yes Yes
Remote access No Yes Yes
Remote management & configuration No Optional Yes
Digital recording No Optional Yes
Centralised camera control (pan / tilt / zoom / presets / alarms) No Yes Yes
Image and video sequence capture No Yes Yes
HDTV/Megapixel video resolution No Optional Yes
Intelligent video analytics No Optional Yes
Integration with other systems No Optional Yes