Hybrid CCTV

Protect your existing investment. Merge your current analogue system with the latest IP technology.

Our Hybrid CCTV systems enable businesses to expand and update their current analogue CCTV systems with the best new IP cameras and software without the financial burden of a complete overhaul.

Image of Hybrid CCTV

SST Hybrid CCTV Solutions

Protect existing CCTV investments – You may have already made significant investments in your analogue CCTV system. The technology shift to IP network video does not, however, mean that your investment has to be discarded. With a network video solution, you can integrate your existing analogue system into an IP-based solution. The solution enables you to take advantage of numerous functionalities such as remote pan/tilt/zoom, Power over Ethernet, audio detection and video motion detection, while meeting user requirements for image quality, recording capabilities, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Our Hybrid CCTV solutions give you the ability to combine the latest high-definition IP cameras with your older, analogue equipment. Experience the benefits of networked CCTV, including:

  • High-resolution, Megapixel / HDTV video
  • Scalability and future-proofing
  • Cost efficiency
  • Remote viewing
  • iPad / iPhone / smartphone integration
  • Video analytics capability

Is a Hybrid system right for me?

Do you currently have an existing analogue (all cameras which are still wired back to DVR or VCR via Coaxial Cable) CCTV System installed at your premises?

  • Do you need to upgrade or expand your current system?
  • Would you like to invest in something future proof – avoiding repetitive investments in the near future?
  • Would you like all the features of a state of the art system, but not abandon the current system completely, thereby protecting your existing investment?

If you can answer yes to one or all of the questions, then a hybrid system designed by SST is the way forward.

Leverage IT investments & Achieve a lower TCO

The majority of businesses now have high-speed, IP based networks connected to the Internet. Adding a network video system simply utilises and extends the same infrastructure to include video functionality. Standard IT equipment such as switches, PC servers for video recording and storage, are used, so existing investments in IT infrastructure and devices can be leveraged, ensuring high return on investment.

How Hybrid CCTV works

Video encoder (or video server) technology allows us to integrate your old equipment by digitising analogue video signals and sending the images directly to the IP network. The encoders can also be used to remotely control existing equipment such as pan/tilt/zoom devices or time-lapse tape recorders. An encoder can also be connected to a wide variety of specialised cameras including miniature or microscope cameras.


Powerful surveillance software

Our Hybrid solutions come with a powerful suite of video management tools that provide seamless control of your CCTV with a user-friendly interface. These provide video capture, excellent playback facilities, video management and export for evidence. Search tools allow you to quickly find incidents from one or more cameras.

Scalability and future-proofing

Hybrid systems are an excellent solution for the strategic migration from analogue CCTV to the benefits of IP-network CCTV. The system can be scaled up and reconfigured at any time, allowing you to add new network cameras – or move them around – with a minimum of fuss.

Built on open and interoperable standards, our Hybrid systems protect your security investment: using universally accepted formats, enabling savings in bandwidth and storage and opening up the possibility of integration with other systems.