CCTV Security

World-class Surveillance Technology Made Simple

CCTV is often the cornerstone of any business security system. Do things the SST way and see how we can put in place a security system that keeps your staff, buildings and assets secure without breaking the bank. Integrated with our Access Control technology, you can have security to be truly reckoned with.

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SST CCTV Solutions

Our security consultants are experts in their field and are always on-hand to advise you on the many options available, across a broad range of technologies. Unlike others, we are not tied to one specific manufacturer and have the expertise and the ability to pick the right equipment for your specific needs: whether it’s a simple system or a more complex, integrated solution.

We install a wide range of CCTV cameras, CCTV management and recording equipment and will advise you on the best options for your specific requirements.


Hybrid CCTV

Our Hybrid CCTV systems enable businesses to expand and update their current analogue CCTV systems with the best new IP cameras and software without the financial burden of a complete overhaul.


IP CCTV systems are the latest in CCTV technology giving extraordinary high-resolution CCTV images, remote viewing, easy maintenance and the ability to connect directly with other systems.

IP CCTV Cameras

IP CCTV cameras offer the broadest range of high-quality surveillance options to business, connect to any IP network and enable features such as remote viewing, advanced video analytics, motion and audio detection.

VMS (Video Management Software)

At SST we know that managing CCTV is as important as having the right cameras in the right places. We have partnered with the world leader in Video Management Software to ensure that you have an easy-to-use and scalable CCTV security system robust enough to deal with the security issues faced by today's businesses.

Choosing a CCTV System

With such a huge range of CCTV systems on the market it can be a daunting task deciding which is right for your business. Decisions need to be made that cover specific security requirements as well as budget and future-proofing any investment.

Stratocast VSaaS

Stay connected with easy and affordable cloud-based video monitoring. View live and recorded video that is safely stored in the cloud from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.