Virtual Turnstile®

Control Access Without Physical Barriers

SST's pioneering access control technology, Virtual Turnstile®, enables businesses to secure wide, open entrance-ways without the need for obtrusive physical barriers such as traditional turnstiles. Using Intelligent Video Analytics, Virtual Turnstile enables you to monitor the passage of every individual entering and leaving a facility, automatically identifying access by unauthorised persons and raising the alarm with security staff.

Image of Virtual Turnstile®

State of the Art Access Control

Using long range RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to create an invisible radio field around the entrance, Virtual Turnstile® monitors the movement of people entering and leaving an open entrance, automatically logging authorised personnel whilst identifying intruders.

In the event of an illegal action, eg. an unauthorised person entering without a card, a cardholder with an invalid card or someone tailgating, the system will immediately activate an alarm. Virtual Turnstile® is armed all the time so that, if an unauthorised entry is attempted, a number of appropriate intrusion acknowledgement methods can be engaged; from discreet vibration only pagers to audible alarms, sirens and strobes, as well as being able to activate other surveillance systems.

Virtual Turnstile® also immediately transmits images of the intruder to security staff as well as saving video of the event for later viewing. This allows security staff to quickly confront persons posing a security risk as well as exporting the video for evidence.

High Traffic Areas

Virtual Turnstile® has been successfully tested to protect an entranceway in an extremely high traffic area where people are crossing in all directions.

Simple and Aesthetic

Welcoming, unobtrusive and non-confrontational are key words when it comes to the design of reception areas and lobbies. Virtual Turnstile’s® discreet, mostly invisible presence, provides a strong security perimeter yet offers the ultimate in architectural flexibility. This is particularly useful in corporate offices, listed buildings, banks and airports where open design is a high priority.

Ease of Use

Virtual Turnstile® replaces the obtrusive barrier of traditional turnstiles. This ensures the fastest, unrestricted throughput for all personnel, whilst also monitoring their access. The invisible RFID field tracks the passage of all individuals as they enter and leave the building or secure area. Each entrant is assigned a long range RFID card that is only activated when in the radio field. Due to the specific frequency the system operates at, the cards can even be read through clothing and bags etc. making it even easier for users. The system requires no physical presentation of the card which makes it ideal for disabled access as well as in emergency evacuation scenarios.

Object Segmentation

Using ‘blob analysis’ (unknown objects in an image are often called blobs, the analysis of their shape, size motion etc. in order to classify them is often known as blob analysis) and ‘neural network’ concepts (a method of object classification that is based on training the software using actual image data), our intelligent Video Analytics can simultaneously profile the size, shape and direction of any object in its view. This allows Virtual Turnstile® to be uniquely tailored to suit the particular needs of any site. The result of this flexibility and intuition ensures that false alarms are kept to a minimum.


The product is suitable for numerous applications including:

  • Intrusion Detection
  • Time and Attendance
  • Emergency Evacuation Monitoring
  • Personnel Safety
  • Hands Free Access Control
  • Personnel Identification
  • Article Identification