Proximity Access Control

Tried and Tested Access Control Technology

Proximity readers are a tried and trusted access control solution suitable for many business security scenarios. Staff are familiar with the technology and require little induction in gaining access to their workplace using key-fobs or proximity cards.

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SST Proximity Access Technology

005887Locks and keys have traditionally been used to secure doors and buildings. However, when when keys are lost or stolen, businesses are forced to change locks and re-issue keys at considerable expense and inconvenience. Keys may also be copied, posing a great security risk.

Proximity access control renders the old lock and key obsolete by providing a simple and secure means of access to staff and removing the security risk and large-scale disruption of a missing key. If a proximity token is lost or stolen, it is simply blocked and a new one assigned to the individual in question.

Proximity access control uses RFID (radio frequency identification) technology to unlock doors quickly and efficiently for the person presenting their fob or ID card. Our access control solutions can also be integrated with other systems such as:

  • CCTV
  • Safety registration and emergency evacuation
  • Time and attendance and payroll

Proximity Fobs, cards & Readers

Thanks to their contactless technology, proximity fobs, cards and readers offer a robust and highly secure way for you to control entry to and exit from your premises. Individual identification and access rights, along with the operational technology, are securely stored within the contactless device, such as a card or fob, reducing the likelihood of damage or copying.

Proximity cards or fobs  transmit a signal to the proximity reader via a Wiegand or clock-and-data interface. The reader decodes the credentials and, if appropriate, automatically unlocks or opens the door or gate. The typical read range is approximately 100mm but much longer ranges are available.

Proximity readers can be fitted to many different internal and external doors and to other entry points and can restrict access to particular areas and can record where staff have been.

SST provide a huge range of Proximity readers to suit almost any environment or aesthetics from vandal resistant and weatherproof ones to high quality, LCD screen readers that can show your company logo……….

Upgrade to Biometric Security

It should be understood that proximity access control does not guarantee total security. Proximity cards and fobs can be borrowed and lost or stolen cards may still be used while their loss remains unreported to security staff.

For businesses requiring a higher level of access security, we recommend our biometric access control solutions.