Fingerprint Readers

Reliable, Robust Fingerprint Access Control Solutions

Fingerprint scanners are a robust and cost-effective way of verifying individuals based on the unique patterns of points and ridges on a person's finger.

Integrated into Paxton Access Control

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SST Fingerprint Recognition Technology

SST supply and install industry-leading fingerprint recognition technology to help businesses achieve secure access control to high-risk areas where keys, fobs and cards will simply not do.

Our fingerprint readers are robust and highly reliable, even with levels of dirt and grease on the skin. They are not only weather and vandal-proof but their ergonomic design means they are quick to use and come in a range of attractive housings and colours to suit your business environment.


Biometrics has proven time and time again to be an incredibly effective form of access control. In particular, SST can install for you the innovative ievo® fingerprint readers which boast an abundance of reputable features, including a multi-spectral fingerprint sensor which outshines conventional thermal, capacitive or optical scanners plus a world leading algorithm which can improve reliability. These elements combined ensure that whatever environment needs securing, there is a complementary ievo® fingerprint system to match it.

ievo® Ultimate

Ievo - Ultimate

The dual, IP65 Rated, internal and external biometric fingerprint reader, ievo® Ultimate will secure any access point due to its indisputable robust exterior.

  • It will maintain functionality in the harshest weather conditions including rain, snow and direct sunlight as well as with levels of dirt, oil, grease, cream or latex gloves on the fingertips and problem fingerprints.
  • A Police forensic manufactured print could not dupe the ievo® Ultimate access control reader with the spoof detection feature enabled. This is possible because of the industry leading multi spectral imaging sensor coupled with a world class algorithm.
  • ievo® Ultimate rivals other fingerprint readers on the market and has even been deemed as ‘standing apart from its peers’ . This is mainly due to ievo® using only the finest components available.

ievo® Micro


The newest ievo® access control product is the Micro™ biometric fingerprint reader which is less than half the size of the original Ultimate™ yet still as feature rich.

  • Using a type of multi spectral fingerprint scanner the Micro™ reader is a fast, accurate and reliable internal only solution, and will function with levels of creams or powders present on the skin, and also with some types of latex gloves worn by the user.
  • You can opt for a number of different mounting positions including mullion or surface, which will enable this reader to fit into the most awkward places whilst maintaining the aesthetics of its surroundings.

Both biometric readers offer an 8,000 fingerprint capacity and have the potential to seamlessly integrate into your previous security system, meaning there is no need to replace it; this could majorly reduce disruption during installation.