Biometric Access Control

Cutting Edge Access Control Technology

Use the latest in biometric access control technology to secure your premises. Allow access to authorised personnel with cutting-edge fingerprint readers, facial recognition, iris and palm vein scanners.

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Biometric Readers and Scanners

Biometric Access Control is the most secure way of protecting your buildings and allowing authorised access without the need for keys, fobs, cards or passcodes. Biometric access control removes the risk of someone gaining access by “borrowing” or improperly acquiring an ID card, password, or PIN number.

SST are experienced integrators of a wide range of biometric solutions giving us the ability to evaluate your requirements and recommend the best options for your business. Our security consultants are available to assess your company’s needs and discuss your options for installing the right biometric access control solution for you.

Iris Recognition

Reliable and non-intrusive, SST's iris scanners are a highly reliable and secure means of controlling access to your premises or highly sensitive areas.

Fingerprint Readers

Fingerprint scanners are a robust and cost-effective way of verifying individuals based on the unique patterns of points and ridges on a person's finger.

Integrated into Paxton Access Control

Facial Recognition

Using sophisticated facial recognition technology for identity management and to secure access to your buildings. SST supply the very best in class face scanners - they are light-immune, easy to use and highly reliable.


We are pleased to partner with the finest manufacturers of security equipment and software.

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