Deck Entry Control System

The world's first VoIP Passerelle Security Call Pod. Designed by SST, MYdecs™ includes digital Voice over IP intercom, Access Control, CCTV system integration and 180 degree camera surveillance giving unparalleled control. All of this within in baautifully crafted piece of marine grade stainless steel. MYdecs™ is a revolution in Passerelle security, entry and control.

Image of MYdecs™

The best deck control system available on the market

A fully marinised VoIP Passerelle Security Call Pod. Fully integrated Access Control provides intruder system deactivation and crew attendance access. Digital Voice over IP intercom, CCTV system integration and 180 degrees colour camera gives unparalleled control. MYdecs™ is a revolution in Passerelle security, entry and control.

MYdecs™ overview

  • Voice over IP intercom – connects Pod to any IP phone or computer onboard including tablet PCs.
  • Proximity Card Reader – affords authorised crew access and intruder alarm deactivation
  • 180 degrees Colour Camera – views the entire dock in one scene
  • Motion-activated Recording – records defined zones for retrospective analysis
  • CCTV Integration – sweeps the relevant PTZ camera to the Pd upon button press
  • Digital outputs – connect to other onboard systems e.g. Passerelle lights
  • Redeployable & Removable – fit to any Passerelle and store safely whilst at sea
  • Fully marinised – fabricated using A4 (316) stainless steel and nitrogen purged

VoIP Digital Intercom

The MYdecs™ VoIP Intercom, with digital speaker and microphone, conforms to the internaltional video telephony standard VoIP/SIP and H.264. Pressing the Call Button establishes a digital, two way-audio connection with any IP audio/video phone, PC, MAC or tablet PC via the Yacht’s network. Access the video and sound from the Pod at any onboard IP Phone or PC or anywahere in the worldm with appropriate access rights. Integral echo elimination and digital audio processing enables high quality duplex speech – visitors and owners/crew may speak at the same time.

Proximity Access Control

Presenting an authorised card to the reader switches off the intruder alarm and/or deck sensors for long enough to allow the card holder to access the Passerelle and enter the Yacht through the authorised entry point. Limits access to pre-authorised, card-holding personnel. All ingress events are centrally logged and recorded for restropective analysis, in case an audit of crew or visitor access is subsequently needed. The 180 degrees camera and CCTV give unparalled views of the access area and augments the safety of this feature.

180 degress 3.1 Megapixel Camera

The MYdecs™ camera can view and record the entire scene without mechanical panning or tilting; there are no blind spots. It is not possible to ‘sneak past’ this camera. A high-performance integral processor automatically starts video and sound recording when motion is detected around the Passerelle and also advises the owner or crew via email. The camera image can display on any computer screen, tablet PC or IP Video Phone onboard. The virtual PTZ feature allows you to enlarge or move the image just like a PTZ camera but without mechanical moving parts.

LED Call Buttons

When guests arrive, pressing the button initiates a VoIP call which can be answered at IP Phone or PC onboard. An audible tone and illuminated LED light advises visitors that their presense is noted. Direct integration into the Yacht’s CCTV system can instruct the nearest PTZ dome camera to sweep round to observe the area around the Pod, affording additional security. Visitors can be seen by accessing the dome camera or the 180 degrees camera views. Crew members reponsible are thus enabled to challenge visitors, request proof of identity or simply to authorise access if satisfied. A secondary button can connect to other systems on board if required, eg. Passerelle light activation.