Non-lethal Anti-piracy solutions

Piracy and protection are major concerns for luxury and commercial vessels. You need to detect threats earlier and protect yourself appropriately. SST has a range of comprehensive threat detection and counter-measure systems enabling 24 hour situational awareness and a robust yet non-lethal first line of defence.

Image of Non-lethal Anti-piracy solutions

Anti-piracy solutions (non-lethal deterrents)

Piracy has long been big business and it´s a well-known fact that incidences of highly organised and tactical piracy at sea are increasing.  In the first quarter of 2012 there were over one hundred confirmed incidents of piracy and armed robbery.

Prevention offers the best and most cost-effective means of combatting the piracy risk this is being realised by an increasing number of Ship and Yacht owners. SST promotes non-lethal technology that has the ability to detect, deter and counter the threat of pirate attacks.

The “Protector”

The Protector delivers a comprehensive threat detection and counter-measures system enabling 24 hour situational awareness and a robust yet non-lethal first line of counter measures. For continuous use, low light and high zoom colour cameras may be set to display dual fields of view, enabling the crew to maintain full situational awareness whilst zoomed in on a target.

Thermal imager

The thermal imager enables all heat sources within a defined range to be monitored in all conditions.

Acoustic hailing device (AHD)

Provides the capability to challenge unwelcome approaches and issue verbal warnings, enabling clear communications to be issued. The AHD may also be used to emit a deterrent tone if aggressors do not respond to verbal requests to desist. This is approximately equivalent to the noise level of a jet take off.

Search lamps and laser

Experience has demonstrated that acoustic deterrents alone are rarely sufficient. So The Protector incorporates a combination of search lamps and a laser. Search lamps have a dual function: illumination and deterrence, they can be used for surveillance and navigation; and they may also be used as a strobe light.

Strobing swept frequencies is an effective deterrent because it does not allow the photoreceptors in the brain to reset, thereby causing shocks to an individual’s vision which, research shows, leads to confusion or dizziness. A major benefit of using this laser in a defensive mode is that there is currently no counter-measure that a target can take to filter the beam. When threat is detected, lasers will effectively dazzle and disorient the intruder without causing any harm, disabling the attacker’s ability to aim any weapon or proceed to their target.

Whether in defensive or man overboard situations, it is essential for a crew to have the ability to illuminate and designate targets in the water around their vessel. The laser beam colour can be adjusted for maximum performance for day and night and varying conditions. No other technology can compete with its range reaching a few kilometers and selectiveness of the target.