Consultancy Services

Independent Threat and Security Vulnerability Assessments

SST partners with one of the UK’s leading security consultancy firms to help provide independent advice and services to their clients’.

C-hq security services are security consultants for a wide range of disciplines including Risk & Threat Analysis, Wide Area Surveillance & Counter Technology including Security Vulnerability Assessment.

Specialising in crime prevention and safety systems ch-q can provide consultancy covering corporate, private, CNI, custodial and defence organisations.

The 7/7 London bombings remain a recent and vivid reminder that the threat of terrorism is serious and real. People need to be prepared to deal with the rare circumstances when terrorism touches their lives and their businesses.

Legal Obligations, Business Continuity and Loss of Reputation are three key business reasons why organisations should plan to deter such acts, or to at least minimise their impact.

Partnering with c-hq, we have an in depth understanding of how to build and maintain a security plan with the following elements forming a strategic part of the overall solution:

  • Creating a security plan in support of the Security Co-ordinator
  • Threat and Security Vulnerability Assessments (SVA)
  • Search planning
  • Business continuity planning
  • Evacuation planning

Key to the on-going effectiveness of any solution, SST are able to offer a range of security testing services to ensure that the solution meets expectations:

  • Condition report on electronic systems
  • Penetration testing
  • Operational witness testing
  • Ethical hacking of IT systems
  • Stress testing the security plan
  • Table top exercising




We are pleased to partner with the finest manufacturers of security equipment and software.