c-hq Security Services

c-hq is a specialist security technology consultancy practice with in-depth and wide ranging experience designing physical and electronic security solutions. c-hq are experts in security system design, Vulnerability & Threat Analysis and Critical National Infrastructure Protection. c-hq specific core areas of expertise include designing secure perimeters around sensitive and critical sites such as industrial gas facilities, CNI utilities, defence sites, high security prisons and innovative police custody centres.

c-hq have expertise in the corporate sector having designed systems for international banks and global blue chip companies. c-hq experience includes carrying out security audits and vulnerability assessments for global organisations and designing security systems to meet the needs of today’s converging IT and security technologies.


  • Security Audit
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Business Case
  • Budget Projections
  • Tender Evaluation
  • Contractor Selection


  • Operational Requirement Documentation
  • Conceptual System Design
  • System Specifications
  • Control Room Design
  • User Interface
  • Systems Integration


  • Project Management
  • Client Representation
  • Contract Management
  • Commissioning Management
  • Design Verification
  • Witness Testing