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  • Cutting Edge CCTV

    Do things the SST way and see how we can put in place a security system that keeps your staff, buildings and assets secure without breaking the bank. Integrated with our Access Control technology, you can have security to be truly reckoned with.
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  • Intelligent Access Control

    SST are experts in the huge range of Access Control technology available on the market: from simple key fob systems to multi-site biometric security installations. Whatever your security needs, our experienced security consultants are on-hand to assess your requirements and offer impartial, free advice on the right access control solutions for your business and your budget.
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  • Video Analytics

    Leverage the power of yur CCTV. Eliminate human error and save on personnel costs with our Intelligent Video Analytics technology, enabling you to automatically process CCTV video for suspect behaviours.
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  • Integrated Security Applications

    PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) is the latest development in integrated security solutions allowing businesses to manage multiple, independent security applications through a single user interface.
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  • Track People & Assets

    SST supplies the latest generation of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) products. These versatile devices can be used in a number of situations to track people, vehicles or products and increase cost efficiency and security at the same time.
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  • Virtual Turnstile

    Secure wide, open entrance-ways without the need for obtrusive physical barriers such as traditional turnstiles. Using Intelligent Video Analytics, Virtual Turnstile enables you to monitor the passage of every individual entering and leaving a facility, automatically identifying access by unauthorised persons and raising the alarm with security staff.
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  • Marine Security

    High-end, fully marinised boat and dock-side security including entry systems and anti-piracy measures.
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